Author Topic: The assorted bits of Aldrakar Renodin's Life  (Read 24964 times)


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Re: The assorted bits of Aldrakar Renodin's Life
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Hey again. It seems I've collected a fair few RP's for you guys. I'll post a continuation of the Roleplay between Aldrakar and Lucini. With permission of the Player of Lucini of course. Its rather lenghty and parts may not make entirely too much sense. This is because there have been quite a few letters exchanged aswell that frame some of the RP's. I hope you can still appreciate the RPs and with that in mind I'll post them here. (Don't worry I'll try to add substance by this writing!)

After a long time writing letters back and forth Lucini and Aldrakar finally professed their love for one another. The following RP is by Lucini and is in response to the letter in which Aldrakar wrote that he loved Lucini

Written by the player of Lucini, Talratheon family.

Lucini slowly opened Aldrakar's letter with a feeling of apprehension, she read it and sighed a breath of relief and pride in her heart as she held it close and even smelled it slightly and kissed it, leaving a maroon kiss imprint of her lips before folding it neatly and scraping away his Imperial Seal and placing her own before softly blowing on it and spraying her perfume on it. She would hope the kiss, and the her scent would speak more than words she could write at the moment.

Looking to her scribe she closed the letting within a leather bound satchel and handed it off, "Be sure Imperial Marshal Renodin receives that personally.. not his scribe, not his squire but in his own hands." The scribe nodded and quickly left to give the messenger the instructions.