Author Topic: The assorted bits of Aldrakar Renodin's Life  (Read 22034 times)


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Re: The assorted bits of Aldrakar Renodin's Life
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Of course I had to find a way to get the two RP's aligned. I hope I did a decent job at it. Enjoy!

The Empty Glass

Having acknowledged the third dozen or so Noble family that presented themselves at his throne Aldrakar brought the wineglass once more to his lips. Wondering in the quiet places of his mind if he’d get a neck-ache before too long. Tilting the glass an odd sensation greeted him. His lips informed him that there was not naught but air left in the glass. Perturbed by this fact he cautiously glanced in the direction of Ismos and the wine corner the man so fussed over.

It soon became obvious the man wasn’t going to look into his direction. Aldrakar sat up and matter of factly positioned the empty glass upright on the armrest of his throne. Raising his head and staring right at the wine corner as if to give a silent command. Moments stretched into one long pause. Aldrakar breathed the air that he had held in his lungs out hard, through his nose. He glances left to see if he could spot any servants nearby. None. ‘’What nonsense is this?!’’ He muttered under his breath.  He ventured a glance to the right. The same absence of servants greeted him there also.

Right at that time another Noble of some important presented himself along with his fetching daughter. It was no secret Aldrakar’s two adult sons were still bachelors as was the man himself. Not listening to the man’s words or even catching the name of the daughter, Aldrakar nodded regally as a well rehearsed trick. The Noble took his cue from that and ushered his somewhat disappointed daughter along.

Not waiting to see if anyone else was going to present themselves Aldrakar pushed himself up from the throne and strode towards Ismos and the wine the man guarded with smiles and well timed laughs. As Aldrakar approached Ismos turned and danced around the wine tables like a ballerina. Never meeting Aldrakar’s gaze and ever seeming a step ahead of the King. Using the crowd as roadblocks but to the most perceptive of people, Ismos smirked and enjoyed the chase. The game.

Satisfied that nothing was out of place, he turned back towards the direction of his liege. And the libations, one cannot forget the libations.

"My liege, it is an honor to be invited to such a grand event."

~ Ceryn Onyxis

A frown upon his face, Aldrakar heard a voice call out to him. Turning to the source he found a young Noble clad in sable. Keeping quiet and letting his gaze linger on the younger man Aldrakar veritably inspected him.  Nice jacket. Did anybody die? Aldrakar mused to himself. The new hopeful from house Onyxis.. named... Cerwil?.. Cer.. Ceryn!

 ‘’Sir Ceryn, you honour your family by presenting house Onyxis for Earth Hall.’’ Aldrakar offered a small yet friendly smile as he gestured around the great hall that was stuffed with Nobility from all over the Empire. ‘’It seems there’s so many people that even my former wine steward cannot find time or moment to attend to his former liege.’’ The words more sarcastic than Aldrakar had meant them to sound. He held up his empty wine glass for Ceryn to see.

‘’Get us some wine Ceryn and we’ll share words, alright? And don’t let Ismos give you any of that second grade wine he peddles to the lot of them.’’ Aldrakar indicated at random Nobles sipping from their wineglasses.