Author Topic: The assorted bits of Aldrakar Renodin's Life  (Read 22155 times)


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Hey there! Welcome, I've missed your presence. Got something different for you today. Not a battle or political situation, rather, a normal day. One of those days that make the other days worth it. That's the feeling I hope to convey with this piece. Enjoy!

The end of the Day

The cool Euschean breeze made light his work and sooner made the affair of writing correspondence with various Nobles across Dwilight a joy rather than a chore. The sumptuous, crystal glass filled with an orange hued wine did it's part naturally to add to the experience. Half a dozen scroll cases were already filled with personal letters and a single vial of expensive ink stood sentinel as its contents was already drained and spend. Its purpose closer to that of a paperweight was it not for its staunch refusal to be used so. Staining fingers that so tried to impose their will upon it.

The day before the Rendorian Elite had escorted their charge to a snug little inn. Old enough to have memories of Luria Vesperi and lovingly maintained so that its roof beams yet looked sturdy below the thatched roof. Walls of natural stone covered with a graceful layer of weather granted patina. Butterflies and flower bearing vines embracing its sun touched surface. Making the small commercial abode fit in finely with its surroundings. The path leading down a gentle slope from the main road was reinforced with modest boulders and lined with old oaken roots allowing refuge to the mosses that couldn't suffer the brilliant afternoon sun. From a maple shuttered window Aldrakar looked out to the sea. Several local fishermen guiding their vessels over its mirror surface as they too sought hearth and home after a long day of work. Long shadows cast from their humble masts. Looking down at the shore Aldrakar spotted three children, two girls and a boy, play in the cerulean waters. Probably the brood of the Innkeeper Aldrakar mused. Their straw colored hair shone in the late day sun.

Drawing his attention back to his work, a deep frown imprinted itself upon his forehead. It was followed by an indulgent grin and his hand pushed the parchments away. Confined to the edges of the desk he was sat at. Moments later Aldrakar joined the children who had no clue about who he was. They couldn't identify him wearing fine but rather mundane clothing. Linnen breaches and a loose shirt with a v-neck left entirely unbound as to show some of the skin of his chest. Aldrakar shed his leather sandals and rolled up his trousers to just below the knees. Assisted by a moss covered rock of course as he gratefully leaned against it. Readying himself to join in on the play he felt the warm Euschean air touch his skin and he breathed it in deeply. Life is good. Pushing himself off from the rock he raised his hands and mimiced a monster. ''Brwwaaa! I'm gonna eat you!'' He plopped his feet into the waters of the sea and felt the softened pebbles mixed into the pearly sands below the surface. Excited squeals and the sound of rushing water danced into all of their ears and the sun smiled down its warming rays.

So the Emperor of all the Lurias ended his day on the road. One more day added to that short list of days worth living for.