Author Topic: The assorted bits of Aldrakar Renodin's Life  (Read 31618 times)


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Re: The assorted bits of Aldrakar Renodin's Life
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Hey again! The Rp created with the Player of Lucini Talratheon of Giask continued. There were a few more private Rp's send. Mostly character to character but this one I shared with the entire realm. Basically Lucini got pregnant, went into labor and her secretary send a short letter informing Aldrakar of this. He at the time was to meet the Emperor and did. Followed by him taking a ship from Shinnen Purlieus to travel to Askileon to refit, or is he?

Gentle waves

The ship had set sail from Shinnen Purlieus harbor. It was a small cargo ship, it was the only one available at short notice. Aldrakar had decided not to disrupt civilian life by commandeering a different ship and instead paid for passage. Fortunately the captain of the ''Coin Casket'' was quite happy with such esteemed a passanger as the Imperial Marshal. The stocky man had harried Aldrakar with praise and questions unstoppable.

Until a certain war ravaged sergeant told the man to back off in a tone that left absolutely nothing to question what would happen if he didn't. Being a weak spined merchant the man naturally made up a feeble excuse to move off, the result was the same though, peace and quiet.

The Euschean Sea was blessedly calm today. Its the body of water that lies at the center of Luria Nova. It connects the cities of Shinnen, Giask and Askileon and opens up to the ocean that holds the D'haran Isles. Seated on a stool and with a breakfast tray on his lap Aldrakar did his best to pen letters that he could send ahead as soon as the ship moored again. The rays of sunlight only negated in their warmth by the cold autumn breeze.

To the Secretary of Lady Lucini,

Hours have passed and even a day but no further messages did reach me. What has happened?! Inform me of her status, the child and her health. Do this without reservation and hold back no content of news, no matter how shocking or absurd. I need to know she is alright.

Is it a boy? How does he look? What colour is his hair and does he have all his fingers and toes? Did he cry when he came into the world? You must record all this and more for me. You must.

Let her know that she is on my mind and that I personally attempt to blow additional air into the sails of this ship upon which I find myself pressently if only it would move a little faster.

Only the most skilled of medicae are to tend to her and the baby. Be it a girl let Lucini know that I am not disappointed or feel wronged. She may not carry my sons in the future but still she would be a star on my Heaven. Remember not to share the content of this letter with anyone but Lucini herself. I am not a violent man but ask you upon your honor to respect my wishes.

With respect,

Aldrakar regularly had to brush aside a strand of sun-kissed, blond hair from his face as the breeze conspired to obscure his vision as he wrote. The gentle sway of the ship as it traversed the waters of the inland sea captured in the flow of the letters as they were penned. Upon completion Aldrakar sanded the letter with a fine beige sediment he had acquired before departure. The beaches of Shinnen were pristine indeed. With practised hand he rolled the parchment up and sealed it away in a scroll-container.

Looking out over the innocent and small whitecaps that crested the waves for as far as the eye could see did Aldrakar imagine the face of his baby boy or girl, whatever fate had bestowed upon him.