Author Topic: The assorted bits of Aldrakar Renodin's Life  (Read 27562 times)


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Re: The assorted bits of Aldrakar Renodin's Life
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Naturally it was my turn again and I hope I did the occation justice. It was fun to write but hard to capture the words and emotions if not ambiance that formed in my mind. Aldrkar seeing his 2 sons for the first time. Neither which he named himself.

Long delayed reunion

As the servant shuffled out of the room, the threats of death and pain sprouting vivid images in his mind. The door quietly closed behind him as he exited. A roar of manly laughter came from the other side. Voices not familiar to the Talratheon estate. Some friendly jibes were made and then Aldrakar's voice, a bit more commanding than usual. Snickers died away and the door opened to admit a single person entry.

The swish of mail armour dampened only by a heavy fabric tabard. Polished gloves likewise of mail hung from a thick and plated belt. Close by was of course the sheath that held a quality sword and from the shoulder suspended was the rich brown cape that proudly sported the heraldry of Aveston. The single window of the room allowed for little breeze but it was sufficient for now to supply fresh air and doubled as an agent to carry the scent of a man of war deep into the chamber. Aldrakar had made effort to be more presentable however, the ship he had arrived in was extensively used for bathing, hair combing and all that stuff, even nail cleaning!

He scanned the room and found his legs carry him towards the grand bed that held Lucini. The floor resonating the foortsteps and the clang of metal covered boots announcing him like crass trumpeteers. ''Lucini..?'' The word inflated with wonder, some question and with an undertone of concern. She usually was quite regal and present. Making his way to the bedside he looked down upon her withered features. Worry marking his face heavily as he bend down over towards her and placed a kiss on her lips and a hand on her cheek. Both to reassure her of his authenticity and take a measure of her condition. His hand registering a small furnance ensnared in her cheeks. ''You look worse than me after fighting fangbeasts of Thar Gorthauth.'' He said with a smirk followed with a wink.

Looking over to the Bassinet Aldrakar rose again and walked gingerly towards it. His face as radiant as the sun in mid summer, eyes filled with marvel and his feet as rooted to the spot as an ancient oak. There lay both his son's, Aldrakar the 2nd and Asher. Little tufts of blond hair covering their heads and where Aldrakar the 2nd was sound asleep did Asher inquisitively look at Aldrakar the 1st with little emeralds for eyes. Aldrakar reached down to Asher's face and gently stroked his cheek with index and midle finger.

Returning to Lucini's side did he take a seat near her on the bed and let his hand wander to intertwine with her's. Damning the bedsheets and bringing ruin to fine cloth with his armor but it did little to stir guilt in him. He eased against the wall against which the bed stood and sat there with his woman. In the room that held his family.