Author Topic: How Gary make his greatest escape from Greater Aenilia prison  (Read 654 times)


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Roleplay from Gary Ketchum

"Bad captain. I order you to stand down. But you still fight them. Oh well. This prison will be my first time of many to come. Let hope not. It is a good time to tend to my wound here" Gary thought to himself.

The Greater Aenilia guard has sent food to Gary for the night. Gary thinking awhile that he almost fully recover from his wound, he decides to take his chance. He speaks with the guard "Thank you for the food."

Then Gary whispers to the guard "Psst, let me go and I will see to it that you alone will not be harmed when the Empire come knocking on these lands."

The guard stops in his track and listens attentively. Then he makes a counter offer "And my family as well?"

Gary replies "Yes, you have my word on your family and your safety."

And so Gary makes his greatest escape!

Bribing a guard, you manage to escape from your prison in Ipsosez!
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