Author Topic: The Lucky Period after the loss of his entire unit  (Read 563 times)


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In Anrimap region on FEI island. After a battle against Angry Peasants and one lone Greater Aenilia unit.

Gary decides to let his men forage the battlefield to reduce his men equipment damage. His men present to him a Unique Item armour once full of blood and sweat of past champions. It is still stained with blood and not easy to rub off. He smiles broadly "It is an Item worthy of my blood after my critical wound which caused me bleeding for week."

There are lots of remains still around from the last battles in this region.

Your men scrounge the battlefield for three hours, and manage to acquire some equipment to replace damaged items. Equipment damage drops 1 points to 16 %.
One of your men finds something interesting among the rubble, a unique and legendary item, the Chain Mail of Blood (Armour, +8 prestige).
You should check and possibly update the history/legend of this unique item. You can do so on its wiki page.

If the page does not exist, please create it. We suggest using the following template for convenience, which will set up all categories, semantics, etc. correctly. Simply copy-and-paste it into the edit box, adding the appropriate values where applicable:
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