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Tidings of Ghosts and Assassins
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Shared across the streets of the capital were rumours of a strange sound coming from Castle Ironsides. For those who worked in the castle and stood at just the right spot above the cellar, deep below the stone thick walls, a muffled thud repeated rhythmically...thud. Thud. Thud. THUD. THUD. THUD. Thud. Thud. Thud....The sound was heard for the better part of seven days. The origin was never discovered...largely due to lack of investigation and instead the rampant spread of superstition and rumour. By the ninth day, the thuds were heard less frequently and softer. thud thud. thud thud. thud.....thud....thud thud....Folk assumed it was a nest of rats feeding on themselves for some reason. That was the alternative view for those who refused to believe in the spirits of the beyond realm. Stranger still was the disappearance of Duke Bowie, last seen at the fitting session for his new ambassador robes. Most assumed a Lurian assassin got him before he could negotiate a military alliance with the Morek Empire and D'Hara that involved Swordfell.

Nobody thought to put the two rumours together.

And then, by means of pure survival and insane panic, a thin, elderly, filthy man clawed his way out of the dirt beneath a fish stand in the market of Balance's Retreat. Quickly the man was identified as Bowie Ironsides, Duke of Balance's Retreat and Ambassador of Swordfell! The news ignited the continent of this strange but spectacular feat of triumph. The truth of all rumours literally surfaced for its life!

And now the story on the street is that Bowie, the Damned Demonic Duke, visited the wine cellar of his Castle and was trapped when the cellar caved in. He survived solely by emptying wine barrels into his stomach and digging a tunnel upwards - using nothing but his hands. Guards traced the route he haphazardly created from the market to beneath the castle and estimated a total of eighty-nine feet long and ascending sixteen feet in depth.

It is said that when he pulled his whole body out of the ground and after he caught his breath, the first words from his mouth were, 'why the hell didn't anybody look for me!?"

It seemed to him that if he ever disappeared for real, few people would notice.

(OOC: I was gone from the game for over a week and Bowie was dislodged from all his positions. When I finally returned to log back in this was my in game answer for his absence :p )
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