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Farronite-Aslyon Merger

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Summary:Farronite-Aslyon MergerViolation:Friendly Realm MergerWorld:DwilightComplainer:Jordan DishmanAbout:Khari
Full Complaint Text:
I'm not sure of the specifics, but Duke Khari Kye has joined Aslyon, leaving Farronite with a single city. I suppose so long as Farronite can continue as a one region realm it wouldn't be a realm merger, but it doesn't seem feasible.

As a side note, I tried to figure out more about what happened in-game, but was directed here. I haven't really paid attention to the area enough to know much background. There are quite a few regions under Duke Khari, so I could imagine some of them splitting off to rejoin Farronite for a more functional realm.

Glaumring the Fox:
Seriously? The duchy has been set up that way for ages.

I dunno, its iffy.  Terran thing was ruled a non merger by 1 vote and that was essentially because Terran was losing/had lost its war.  Farronite had no conflict.  They had signed a rather beneficial treaty with Astrum and they got out of the war.  Internal political conflict would be a great reason for such actions.  An IG source tells me there was a power struggle in the realm.   I have not verified it.

Glaumring the Fox:
Its only iffy because it was Asylon involved... Anyways I am done replying or adding to this conversation I just think its typical of this server to act like this.  :-[


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