Author Topic: Farronite-Aslyon Merger  (Read 49466 times)


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Re: Farronite-Aslyon Merger
« Reply #30: December 27, 2013, 03:11:27 AM »
And I fully agree with this. If you don't want to see it happening, instead of open cases and always untangle situations like this, even bringing to the table some kind of bug abuse, try to create some code to avoid entire duchies moving to another realms leaving just one city behind... or live with that, because even when it's considered illegal, fix it after it happened is a huge inconvenience for a lot of players involved, especially when they are unaware that they are doing something wrong. That's useless to show it in our Forums and open cases if the game continue allowing you to do it.
You're correct in that, where possible, these kinds of things should be handled by game mechanics. If it was easy/possible, I assume that Anaris would have already fixed it. As I said before, this kind of thing was not really possible under the old duchy system. The new one is much more complex and flexible, and unfortunately leaves some loopholes like this. I would love to see some kind of code-based fix, if it were possible. If it is or not, is something that really only Anaris or ^ban^ could answer. It is also a matter for a different thread.
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