Author Topic: Farronite-Aslyon Merger  (Read 49457 times)


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Re: Farronite-Aslyon Merger
« Reply #30: December 27, 2013, 03:44:01 AM »
From the messages that I've received, Khari changed allegiances because there weren't enough nobles in FR to maximize lordships in the rurals, while Asylon had plenty. Whether o not that can be taken as evidence for a strategic merger, I'll leave for you all to decide.

That's what I was told IG by FR'S ruler...

I really don't like this move, but in the definitions of what are illegal realm mergers, we consider the merger of two viable realms. Was FR viable? The one doing the move did not appear to think so.

That being said, is her say enough? Was the lack of noble so bad that the realm was "non-viable"? I personally have a hard time believing that... FR had a lot of regions, if density was too low it could have skipped on a few until density increased to proper levels. Not to mention other realms had it at least as bad before without imploding. And where do we draw the line? FR as a realm certainly is no longer viable.
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