Author Topic: Farronite-Aslyon Merger  (Read 49340 times)

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Re: Farronite-Aslyon Merger
« Topic Start: December 23, 2013, 03:38:02 AM »
1. Who said an entire realm should be punished, even if this is ruled as illegal?
2. You are not the one accused of doing anything wrong. Even if this is ruled as an illegal realm merger, nothing will happen to you.
3. As dustole says, the kabrinskia merger was ruled as illegal.
4. I agree that the current duchy system makes this kind of thing too easy. It was not possible under the old system. If I could think of any specific mechanic that would prevent realm mergers, and not unduly create artificial restrictions, I would propose them. If you can think of any, please do.

Thankyou for the clarity.
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