Author Topic: Any bets on realms capsizing?  (Read 20188 times)


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Re: Any bets on realms capsizing?
« Reply #30: March 03, 2014, 01:19:27 AM »
This is the part of the community I don't get. As soon as something - anything - happens, everything suddenly becomes all peacenik. Why? Why stop fighting and do some peaceful migration? Why not throw everything at them now that you have nothing to lose?

This is the one area where BM could never match real life. In real life, when the going gets tough, people get more aggressive, not less.

In real life you wouldn't have the problems you do in battlemaster: with regions being destabilized, nobles will no longer be able to maintain units, where if a glacier suddenly found itself moving over Scandanavia circa 1100 AD, you can be damn sure if they decided to expand south for survival, pay would be the last thing on the soldiers minds. 

Paying units is all fine and dandy when its just regular old war, but when its fight or die, who gives a damn about gold? Scavenge what you can to feed yourself and your family, and continue to fight in a group or die are the options available.
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