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Winter has come

Started by Stabbity, February 26, 2014, 10:34:21 PM

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Magnus looked at the series of blindfolded prisoners that had been kept in the cells beneath his manor in Edairn. Twenty Imperial soldiers stood shivering against the unseasonably cold winter. Twelve Arcaeans, four Sorrainese, and four Zonasans huddled together, unaware of what was about to begin. The first soldier was brought up to the platform, his blindfold removed. Magnus looked coldly at the man as the noose was fitted around the prisoner's neck. The man began shaking and weeping uncontrollably as what was happening dawned on him, and a yellow puddle formed at his feet.

"Allfather! We offer you this sacrifice!" Magnus intoned, and the man was raised up into the tree, and the rope tied off. There would be no neck breaking. They would strangle and choke, like Odin.

"Give the Sorrainese to Hel." Magnus commanded the inquisitor presiding with him, and the man shepherded the Sorrainese to their final destination, four stakes in the ground. They were tied to them, some resisting, some bleakly accepting their fate, and their blindfolds removed.

"Light the fires." Magnus said, and four torches were thrust into the faggots surrounding the stakes. The wood quickly caught, and the screams of the Sorrainese caused panic amongst the remaining prisoners. Magnus turned to Edairn's Godi and nodded.

"See the rest hanged. It is vital to ward off the evil that is approaching, don't mess it up." he said, and returned to his place at the long table overseeing the Blot, and poured himself a bit of mead.
Life is a dance, it is only fitting that death sing the tune.