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Kindaran Justice
« Topic Start: March 22, 2014, 06:35:22 AM »
***Warning: Contains graphic content***

Leofric is drug out in front of a jeering crowd in Masahakon, two trails of blood, like tears, running down his cheeks. His eyelids had been removed. An official, wearing the grey robes of the Order, looked at the condemned and spoke.

"Leofric de Vere, for the crimes of High Treason, multiple counts of attempted homicide, and assaulting the person of the Grand Justiciar, you are condemned to die. Your privy parts shall be cut off and burnt before you, then you shall be hung until you are half dead. You will then be drawn and quartered, your individual parts to be scattered across the realm as it please the Grand Justiciar. I would ask if you have any final words, but I am not going to remove the gag to let you poison the minds of these good people."

The man motioned for the guards, and they shackled Leofrics arms and legs to posts, and a hot knife was used to castrate Leofric, and then cauterize the wound. A bucket of water was thrown in his face to revive him, and then the remains of his manhood were placed in a brazier before him and set ablaze. When the flames died down, Leofric was unshackled, and a noose fastened around his neck. A heavy set man wearing an executioner's hood took hold of the other end of the rope and pulled, lifting Leofric into the air, so as not to break his neck. Leofric kicked, and struggled, and turned blue, and was let down. He was then dragged into the square, and ropes fastened to him.

"Allfather, we ask you lead this black and wretched soul straight to the judgement of Hel." the official intoned, and as he finished speak, the horses were slapped on their rear ends, and they took off. Leofric's limbs stretched, and then came unattached in a spray of blood. The horses ran for a ways, until their attendants were able to stop them and retrieve the limbs. The man in the executioner's hood  hefted an axe, and in one swift stroke removed Leofric's head from his torso.
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