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Well, this is embarrassing...

I went to lock the thread, and apparently clicked the "Remove Thread" link ...

Anyway, the reason I went to lock the thread is this: The Magistrates have already disappeared. The only active Magistrate left is Chenier, and he's the defendant in that case. So none of these Magistrates cases are going anywhere.

Tom has already announced that the Magistrates system is being shut down. None of these cases are going to get resolved. The IG link to the Magistrates just needs to be removed.

The Titans can be closed too, they seem as well not to respond to reports.

I wonder what does this period of missing regulation mean for the game, I can already see the character count rising again - and the amount of multicheaters as well.

No, the Titans will not be closed. I have been putting most of my development time the past couple of days into updating the Titan system so that it can have all the features the Magistrate system added, as well as its own functionality brought up to date. However, this will still take a little longer (maybe as much as another week).

Once the Titan code is properly up to date, I will consult with Tom on solving the real problem, which is the lack of active Titans. When that has been solved, I will post an announcement regarding the completion of the transition.

However, I'm now thinking that it might, indeed, be worthwhile to remove the Magistrate link and announce the beginning of the transition today, just so that we don't get more cases going into this black hole.

As Anaris says, we need to revitalize the Titans, and get them working properly again. We need some form of oversight to handle the violations that inevitably appear whenever you have such a directly confrontational PvP game as we do here.

It is unfortunate that most of our Magistrates have disappeared. Several of them would have made great Titans...

--- Quote from: Atanamir on March 28, 2014, 12:38:28 PM ---...the amount of multicheaters as well.

--- End quote ---
If this is true, I feel particularly bad about it. I was one of the most active at chasing down the multis, but I haven't had time in quite a while. I will add it to my schedule, and see if I can look into investigating. :(

Gustav Kuriga:
I personally would be open to being Titan for FEI. I have no characters there and haven't been attached to any of the continent politics for a long, long time (at least half a year if not more).


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