Author Topic: Allow nobles with no estate to use the steal food looting option  (Read 753 times)


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Title: Allow nobles with no estate to use the steal food looting option.

Summary: When you use the steal food option, it sends the food back to whatever region you have your estate in. If you have no estate (for instance a ruler that does not also have a region) you can't steal food as there's no region for you to send it back to and the option just doesn't appear. I propose that if you have no estate, any food you steal gets sent back to the capital instead.

Benefits: Allows nobles with no estate access to the same looting options as other nobles.

Possible Downsides or Exploits: None.


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I think that sounds like a great idea.  Although, I had an estate in a region and only saw the "burn food" option rather than a "steal food" option.
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