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Re: North Vs. South
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FWIW - I've never seen *any* terms or potential treaties related to the war on FEI. So far as I know, no one involved in the war has ever discussed any possible end to the war.

If it involves things like "Stay out of the war, at Peace or better with everyone on our side for 12 months", then it's [email protected]#$.

Other terms that I have come to realize are [email protected]#$ involve things like: "Abandon your allies. Declare war on them, and come fight for our side!" It's one thing if the losing side offers these terms, but to force them on the losers just sucks. Especially when it's backed by "do this or die".

Speak with your leaders. Terms have been discussed multiple times in the Assembly with Edan and Fergus, and Velax usually discusses them within Arcaea as well.