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Re: North Vs. South
« Reply #75: July 11, 2014, 11:33:15 PM »
To the rulers of Cathay and Kindara:

Quit putting the entire island's fun, and especially your realm's fun, as Velax's responsibility. Its not. I agree he should try to give reasonable terms, but you both don't seem to try much for that supposed fun Velax is required to guarantee.

You have options, but you act like the only one is that Velax accept the terms you demand.

For starters, negotiate. He sent you some terms you didn't like, that should be expected. Send him back some new terms. Have some back and forth with him on terms instead of just well I don't like your terms so no peace.

Next, you are the ruler of your realm, you should have experience persuading your realm of things. So after you have got what you consider more reasonable terms, start convincing your realm the terms are in fact reasonable.

Finally, you are the damn ruler, not the nobility. Not only are you the ruler, you are the ruler in a monarchy, so quit acting like you can't do anything because there was a vote and the realm disagreed. How about just don't have a vote? The point I am getting to is, quit blaming the lack of peace on your nobles, you are the one with the button for peace, its your decision not theirs.

As an add-on, you could always accept terms and not follow through with them, then politic your way out of another war/get them to just deal with it.