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Might and Fealty
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I ran a forum search for Might and Fealty and basically nothing came up except for one thread that had only the OP on it.

Might and Fealty is a game, also made by Tom, that is very much similar to BattleMaster. The main differences are, I think, mostly in scope. Whereas in Battlemaster you play as a Knight, or adventurer, working your way up through the hierarchy, M&F expands the horizon in allowing you to do... anything you want. You build settlements, and I mean really build them- you build fisheries and training grounds, keeps and walls. Though much of the game is abstract, it gives just enough detail to make it worthwhile to dabble into the minutia.

Since the opening days of M&F, it has gone open source. Many improvements are on the horizon, and many Realms are looking forward to receiving new, interested players. Some of the best roleplayers have come from this community, and there are many other communities, like Bay12, who shared some amazing stories with us. At the heart of M&F is interaction with other people, and the mostly free-form organization of Realms allows for many avenues of this interaction.

If you are interested, give it a look. There are many Realms out there who are looking for more people to join them, and in particular, Erstes Imperium, which is the Realm I belong to primarily, is undergoing major reforms that opens up a lot of spots for people to jump right into, from Dukes to Counts and so on. If you are interested, simply accept a Knight Offer from Magatsu Tama.

You can find M&F at:
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