Author Topic: How to integrate the new South Island into the wiki  (Read 3312 times)


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Any ideas on how to handle this? We currently have a situation where the same name can mean up to 6 different things. For instance, Sandalak can mean:

The region of Sandalak on the SWI.
The realm of Sandalak on the SWI.

The region of Sandalak on the SEI.
The realm of Sandalak on the SWI.

The region of Sandalak on the SI.
The realm of Sandalak on the SI.

The pages are currently divided as:
* Sandalak (SEI) - The realm Sandalak on the South East Island.
* Sandalak (SWI) - The realm Sandalak on the South West Island.
* Sandalak (SI) - The realm Sandalak on the South Island.
* Sandalak - A disambiguation page pointing to the above three pages.

So, we need to make a decision about how to integrate region pages into this.

The standard for the rest of the game is that the name belongs to the region. Anything else using the name goes to a different page such as: Perdan (Realm), Perdan (Duchy), etc.

For the old SE/SWI, I don't think too many region pages were made, or still exist. And most of those use the old plan of being subpaged under the island name. f.ex.: South-East Island/Fali.

So how do we deal with this? We have a couple options, none of which are ideal:
* Continue to sub-page the SI regions under the island name: South Island/Fali. The problem being that this does not agree with the rest of the wiki standard. But it does allow for the eventual creation of more south islands being created as new top level pages, and then each island having its own page for the region.
* Just use the base name as the region page for the new SI region. This allows us to keep the same  naming scheme across all islands. The disadvantage being what do we do when we open a new war island? Which island owns the base page?
* Continue to use the base page as a disambiguation, and point all the various uses to different top level pages. So the region of Sandalak on the new SI would be "Sandalak (SI Region)". We could control the display of the regions in various lists according to categories. This allows for near-infinite expansion using new island names. Until, of course, one of the war islands resets. Then how do we name the reincarnations? It is already nearly impossible to figure out which incarnation of SEI/SWI the old pages belong to. (Of course many of those were made on TikiWiki, and imported to the current wiki.... Ick.)
* Some other scheme that also serially numbers the pages? Seems pretty inconvenient.

Any scheme also needs to address how we handle the historical pages from SEI/SWI, too.

We need to get a handle on this before it gets out of control.
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