Author Topic: Units that move forward during Ranged phase of battle get smacked  (Read 590 times)


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Had a battle last turn. There was an SF unit in the Front row at the beginning of the battle. During the Ranged phase it "moved closer to get better shots". Because it was now in front of the rest of the army, every enemy ranged unit targeted it instead of spreading their shots out over everyone in the Front row, virtually wiping out what I imagine would have been quite an expensive SF unit. This seems...unintended.

Winter's Longbows (19) fire on Royal Swords (6), scoring 164 hits.
[DoF] Bathgate Specialists (10) move closer to get better shots.
 [DoF] Bathgate Specialists (10) fire on Last Shadow (14), scoring 551 hits.
 Retribution (17) fire on [DoF] Bathgate Specialists (10), scoring 846 hits.
 Winter's Longbows (20) fire on [DoF] Bathgate Specialists (10), scoring 264 hits.
 Red Banders (16) fire on [DoF] Bathgate Specialists (10), scoring 82 hits.
 Aspinall Guards (12) fire on [DoF] Bathgate Specialists (10), scoring 189 hits.

Possible solutions would be for all ranged units to be assigned targets at the beginning of the Ranged phase before any movement takes place, or for all Ranged phase movement to take place at the end of the Ranged phase rather than throughout it.


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Interesting. If this is generalizable, and not just a fluke, then it is definitely an undesirable emergent behaviour that I'll have to watch out for when I rewrite the combat script in a few months.

Unfortunately, I really can't dedicate the kind of time needed to make anything more than trivial changes to the combat script before then.
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