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A young Vice Marshal Daily Work
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Roleplay from Misty Ketchum   (15 days, 5 hours ago)
Message sent to everyone in the region Triewa (43 recipients)

In Triewa.

Misty was directing her men to carry out friendly takeover by engaging with the local peasants, inviting them for free ale. Out of a sudden, there was a battle cry, and orders were hastily given out for defense of the takeover. She too rushed along with few other nobles of Sandalak to fight and protect the takeover.

In the midst of battle.

Misty ordered her men and shouted out loud "Never give up an inch! Hold the line!"

As Ikalak soldiers poured forward, Misty found herself facing Ikalak soldiers. Together with her Infantry unit, Misty raised her sword high up and shouted her battle cry "For Sandalak!"

Hormondson Guards saw an opening in Misty unit and moved forward to engage Misty unit. Misty ignored the small opening she gave away in battle. In her haste however Hormondson Guards wounded her by crossing swords with her unit and then herself. Misty reeled from the small gap in her left arm as she tried to protect herself from the many blows. Realizing many of her man were either wounded or dead, she ordered her men to retreat. Hormondson Guards who wounded her, soon found her retreat speed too fast to catch up and abandoned pursuit.

Back in the plain of Triewa some distance away.

Misty nursed her left arm with some herbs. She assembled her scattered men and asked "Who is the one who wounded me today?"

One of her men being nearer to the noble who leading Hormondson Guards during the fighting, replied her "It is Brand, my lady."

Misty ignored her arm wound and stood up "I will definitely remember him"
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