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Imperial Calendar
« Topic Start: July 20, 2014, 02:11:45 PM »
As some people may have noticed, I'm currently in the middle of compiling a complete history of the Far East. In addition to events since the island was launched, I've included the RP pre-history of the island in order to add a bit more depth.

Since Arcaea now dominates the island with the Arcaean Empire, and since the original Arcaean Empire at the launch of FEI has an RP date of creation 42 years before the island launched then I've created a calendar based on days, seasons and the "Imperial Years" since the foundation of the first Arcaean Empire.

Since seasons last 22 days and winter started 12 days ago, this makes today the 12th Day of Winter, 77 I.Y. with I.Y. standing for Imperial Year. I've counted the years since FEI started basically by using the known dates of seasons and extrapolating forward and backwards assuming a year starts with spring and ends at the beginning of the following spring.

Any thoughts?