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Re: Imperial Calendar
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I really like this idea. Make a calender and then everyone should be able to get on board by checking their friendly, simple calender year. How well do the passing of seasons stack up against the passage of time for nobles (not including the constant acceleration due to wounds)?

Edit: The "unknown personal enmity" between Jenred and Keffer was largely because (I believe, asking Matt now to double check) Keffer tortured and deported a number of Arcaean nobles, including Jenred who was briefly an infiltrator. I think Aerywyn was an infiltrator too for a bit when I was checking out the game for the first time and got my fingers caught in an Ethialan tax pot before the war, so I was deported as well. Basically the higher ranks of Arcaea hated Keffer for being mean to them as Judge as well as being insulting and other things.
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