Author Topic: Request: add a property for published documents  (Read 2078 times)


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I agree "Effective date" is redundant.

"occurrence date" seems fine. It can be used in multiple cases:
- Roleplay stories
- events (war, battle, take over, religion related, death)
- publications

But for that to work properly, we will need another property to distinguish the different type of event. It would be something like "event type".

If we can link the in-game events automatically to a wiki page, that would be awesome:

Once there is an important event in the continent, an event page on wiki will be created. 
- War, battle, take over
- religions related
- new players, or death
- pass a referendum
- election

This will generate something similar to the "unique item" timeline, and will provide automatic timeline for diplomatic events, region changes, a religion, referendum.