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Aethelmaer, adventures in Fissoa
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Aethelmaer was seriously injured on a hunt, so I'm posting this roleplay here since I can't message in game. If someone from Fissoa sees this, feel free to post this somewhere in my stead or link to it.

Another adventurer in the region of Panafau could possibly jump in towards the end, as Aethelmaer was possibly 'rescued by someone'.

~ Hunting ~

Aethelmaer felt well rested, enough to take on some monsters in Panafau. The day before he had gone hunting and even though he was a bit rusty after his long break from fighting, it went rather well. He managed to take on four groups of monsters by himself without needing to rest. Perhaps it made him overconfident for today. A report he had gotten from a fellow adventurer by the name of Faust showed him a location to a close by group of monsters. Aethelmaer decided to jump back in again.

Upon finding the area where the monsters were, Aethelmaer followed them for a little while before finding an opportunity to strike. He jumped out swingin and managed to kill off a couple of beasts, but they fought back twice as ferocious. They ended up giving Aethelmaer a hard time, and he had to back off. He managed to escape without much trouble, but still the chase they put up left him heaving. He decided to rest for a little while before attempting again.

A few hours later, Aethelmaer wasn't fully rested, but he thought he was good enough to try again. He managed to find the group again. Only this time, after scouting them out again, he noticed something that he didn't see before. There was a leader to this group. He wondered if this really was the same group again, but thought it would make sense why they would be so hard to fight. He did the same as before and stalked the group for awhile, looking for another good opportunity to strike. This time it was rather difficult to see any openings at all.

Eventually, Aethelmaer's patience ran out and he jumped at the closest thing to an opening he could see. It turned out rather horribly for him right from the start. They were expecting him this time around it seemed. The leader of the group staring at the human before him trying to fight the group of elite beasts he had gathered. He could only laugh as they turned out to be much stronger than he had anticipated. They quickly surrounded him and began to beat on him. He started to scream out in pain as he felt them mauling him over and over again. He felt several bones breaking under their strength. At some point, he couldn't feel any pain anymore and the screaming had stopped. The leader of the group roaring to call back the brutes from their prey.

Leaving Aethelmaer there to die amidst a pool of blood, the group of monsters went on their way. He succumbed to an unconscious stupor that came in bouts, he'd be blacked out for some time then wake up for a few minutes before blacking out again. He didn't know where he was anymore, and he was pretty sure he was going to die. He couldn't quite tell, but he thought that someone had helped him escape from his disasterous attempt to hunt. At some point he awoke to find that there were healers trying to treat him, but he was so out of it that he wasn't sure of anything. It could simply be a dream, or that he was already making his journey into the afterlife.

After searching the area for 2 hours, following trails and noises, you finally encounter an army of monsters.
You notice that they have a leader, an alpha monster, a really big and ugly one, whatever you want to call it.
You fight with everything you've got - but the monsters turn out too strong or too many for you. And then things start to go badly.
You can not get away from them, and find yourself surrounded! After a while, you do not feel the blows anymore. They leave you for dead, but somehow you manage to crawl away before they return. Was there someone who helped you? You can not quite remember. There is very little you remember, except the pain.
You have been seriously wounded.