Author Topic: Player-imposed government rules and IRs  (Read 1377 times)


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Player-imposed government rules and IRs
« Topic Start: October 23, 2014, 03:36:20 PM »
Back in the days, the original Khthon had a rule where only heroes were eligible for government positions, except for banker.

Khthon eventually died, and was formed again. This rule was reinstated (though maybe it was only for rulers then).

That Khthon eventually died again, and it was later reformed under the name of Bara'Khur, which I'm pretty sure reinstated the rule, at least for the ruler and at least at the beginning. I think they added a clause to allow cavaliers as well.

No one ever raised a fuss about this. As far as I know, no titan complaints were ever made, it was never criticized on the message boards or on the forums, but that wasn't because people didn't know about it, as it was fairly-well advertized as the flavor of the realm, the "land of heroes" and all.

That was a while back, however, and sensitivities have somewhat changed. Player-imposed rules of governance, that used to be a lot more common back then, are also considerably more infrequent nowadays. So I'm wondering, would this still be allowed as it was back then, or would it be judged as a breach of the class-choosing IRs?


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Re: Player-imposed government rules and IRs
« Reply #1: October 23, 2014, 04:12:49 PM »
After all it's a roleplaying game.


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Re: Player-imposed government rules and IRs
« Reply #2: October 23, 2014, 05:56:50 PM »
I've never played in any of those realms, so I personally haven't been aware of any such rules. Nor have do I remember ever hearing about any problems with this in the past.

In Sanguis Astroism on Dwilight, we had a rule that if you wanted to hold certain elder ranks, you had to be a priest. If anyone wanted to hold those ranks, they were expected to convert to the priesthood. I don't remember anyone ever complaining that this violated the IRs. I don't remember anyone ever challenging that rule, though. No one ever refused to be a priest after they were appointed, or complained that excluding non-priests violated their right to choose their own class.

I kind of agree with vonGenf. If you handle it IC, I don't really see a problem. You're allowed to say things like: "I don't think you should be our ruler. You're a priest, and we don't want to let any religion have that much power over our realm."  or "Infiltrators are dishonorable, and we shouldn't allow them in our realm. They should all be banned." You're not limiting their choice of character class, nor telling them what class to be. A character is responsible for the choices they make, including any possible negative effects of those choices. They can choose to be a priest or infiltrator, but they have to accept that there are ways they may be limited by that choice.

If it were up to me to make the call on this, I'd have to say that as long as it is handled IC, it sounds legitimate. Some variety and flavor is a welcome change.
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