Author Topic: Open Mic Thread: How do you manage refugees?  (Read 6699 times)


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I'm surprised nobody has mentioned former ASI people.  They've risen quite a bit in the various realms they've gone to, many many Lords.  A lot of them still talk about the old days and the like, the religion is still alive (despite an entire Island's worth of efforts to kill it, kind of proud of that).

Generally speaking I keep them out of lordships.  Without any golds they're fairly harmless.  If you're a small realm though, watch out hah.

And why no mention of Old Rancagua?  Sirion is fighting a war for their old allies,  Fontan turned their back on them.  Both realms got an equal influx, yet only one is upholding their bargain.  Could it be the glacial pace of leadership change in Sirion?