Author Topic: Is it fair for a ruler to challenge another ruler to duel?  (Read 1740 times)


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 First time ruler has gotten herself into a war. The other ruler has personally offended her and told her to step down. Is it unbecoming of a ruler to duel the warring ruler, does it make sense?
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No need to make sense. Because only the winner will live to tell the tale. Who cares if the deadman made more sense than you? He is dead. He can't talk back.


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History is written by the victor. It makes sense? ;)

Does not matter whether duels between nobles or both rulers. If you talking about Colonies recent happening, I did recall previous Lukon King Valast entering a death duel with no less than Oritolon Ruler himself, which ended up with wounds to both duelers. And the war got going soon after, everyone have the fun.
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I know it's awesome.