Author Topic: Update region economy to reflect changed geography?  (Read 1034 times)


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My character Renaud is count of Xhahgus on Beluaterra. The region was originally landlocked but with the various daimon invasions the coastline of Beluaterra has changed; Xhahgus now has water on both sides, forming a bridge between Lake Salaman to the north and the ocean to the east.

However, the economy is still limited to farming, hunting, and mining, with no fishing at all (0%). Surely they must have learned to fish by now! Or are the folk of Xhahgus afraid of water?

Is it possible to update the economy of a newly-coastal region like Xhahgus? and possibly the weather area (which atm is central lake)?
There are other regions in Beluaterra that this would apply to. Obviously it is not a necessity but a question of realism and tidying-up.