Author Topic: Is this the next big war?  (Read 8460 times)


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Re: Is this the next big war?
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On the other hand, financial support in exchange for service was the core concept of vassal oath. If a suzerain failed to provide his knight with promised commodities he technically failed to hold his end of the deal and the knight was free to go.Good point.
Maybe fines should entail a prestige hit too.

There is a massive difference between a stipend from a liege, and begging in front of the entire realm for gold. Lets call a spade a spade, it is completely foreign to the atmosphere the game purports to follow, we do it because it is efficient and if we do not those realms that do will have a competitive advantage. The game already simulated the first, in that the liege grants land (ie financial income) in return for tax.
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