Author Topic: Is this the next big war?  (Read 8426 times)


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Re: Is this the next big war?
« Reply #15: February 18, 2015, 05:48:04 PM »
Wait.... Let me get this straight....  Zonasa and GD are sitting twiddling their thumbs because they are waiting for Arcaea to sign a peace treaty which has already been signed....

As for fence sitting....  That really isn't accurate, im genuinely surprised that it isn't obvious what Arcaea has been doing.

It isn't obvious because, at least from where Baranion sits, no one's been communicating. At all. After Claudio seceded, the only way I could get actual information was through Claudio. My other contacts, including Dawn, either literally wrote no messages or wrote messages saying basically, "Things are still not settled in here. Let me get back to you."

Until just about an hour ago, when Dawn finally publicly stated what Arcaea would be doing.

I'm not sure how you think anything was supposed to be obvious.
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