Author Topic: Is this the next big war?  (Read 8417 times)


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Re: Is this the next big war?
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When a succession happens it causes a large amount of turmoil within the realm.  This resulted in Arcaea losing a city due to it going rogue, and having several others close to following suit.  The last two weeks have been spent effectively repairing that damage - something as significant as a region changing hands is broad casted to the entire continent.

Anyone who has played this game for any length of time would know this happens..... thats why i said its obvious....

I cant really respond to the rest of your message Anaris as i believe OOC and IC events should be kept separated from the forums but i will try to do a brief summary.  The former King of Sorraine was inactive (or at the very least wasn't responding to his mail) - This would inevitably lead to a slow down of letters from other rulers.