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Recent Changes
« Topic Start: March 23, 2015, 08:27:31 PM »
Since March 6th:
  • Arrest Adventurer link only displays if there's an adventurer to arrest.
  • Full guild members can now see the treasuries of each guildhouse in the guild location list.
  • Estateless nobles can now see the realm's available estates on the estate management page.
  • The Food Distribution page no longer requires an hour to view it, only to make a change to distribution.
Since mid January:
  • Bribery costs for diplomats/ambassadors are now variable upon both your realm's diplomacy with region owner and regional sympathy to your realm.
  • Founding a religion should now remove ducal titles.
  • Message sent to duchy lords when duke changes ducal share.
  • Message sent to realm when new region joins realm from noble buying region (still no message if at-turn option used).
  • Monarchy and tyranny rulers now have access to the Edit Bans (to view remove & bans) and Kick Rebels (of failed rebellion) links that all judges have access to.
  • Ruler, duke, and region titles added to character names in Realm Hierarchy page.