Author Topic: Recent Changes for April and May 2015  (Read 1063 times)


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Recent Changes for April and May 2015
« Topic Start: May 15, 2015, 09:26:51 PM »
  • Bankers can now view regional food distributions
  • Total religion balances correctly reported in Temples and Shrines Upkeep Report
  • Reclaiming guild founder link fixed
  • Increased problems when a government referendum fails (no one elected)
  • Travel pages reorganized for consistency with each other (no mechanics changed)
  • Increased rate of summon scrolls being generated on Beluaterra
  • Frozen, tundra, and monster-overrun regions not displayed in Religion Spread Report
  • OOC Bans by rulers disabled - Titans are meant to deal with these matters
  • The Diplomacy Actions page going blank when in foreign regions should be fixed - please report feedback on bug 8460
  • Increased the rate preach level reduces itself and increased preaching effectiveness - please report feedback on  bug 8266

As usual, report any bugs on the bugtracker. The development team responds to questions on either the Helpline forums or IRC, as well.