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The CE Election thread.
« Topic Start: June 02, 2015, 09:06:21 AM »
So the CE elections have come around again, and I've decided to make a thread for this round of elections and any future ones.

First we have the Ruler elections, with the following candidates so far:

Susan Maxwell - The current incumbent, running on a relatively conservative platform. I'll let the player of this character describe it if they wish to.

Sayuki Kuriga - Lord of Garnagi, he is running on a radical right-wing, war hawk campaign. Last election saw a third of the vote go to him, so he has a decent number of supporters as the continuing isolationist policies of the Senate is beginning to create a hotbed of dissent. As well as this, several public and private proclamations of support have been given.

This should be interesting, and I rather enjoy these elections, CE gets rather active during them.