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Re: Dev Log
« Reply #15: June 11, 2015, 03:45:57 PM »
Thanks, Tom. Just tested it and it's working like a charm. One thing I did notice is that the dropdown isn't updated when you run out of stuff. So if I have 1 Healing Potion and I sell it, I wouldn't expect it to return in the dropdown once the page refreshes. I'm assuming the SQL populating the dropdown doesn't have the relevant WHERE clause. :)

Symfony uses the Doctrine ORM by default, so plain SQL is not used, but yes just like the Shop page the drop down box lists everything you have ever had for sale in the shop.

Tom this is probably going to be fixed in a later update, but right now selling for the max price is trivial, just start offering at a high price and drop the price by one each refusal till you succeed.
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