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Early June Recent Changes
« Topic Start: June 12, 2015, 12:00:46 AM »
We apologize for the inconvenient downtime recently, but the following updates are now live a bit earlier than originally planned as consolation for said downtime:

  • Display family homes under Estates. If more than 3 family homes in region, only display if at least 10 fame.
  • Posting monster/undead bounties available to stewards.
  • Peasant mobs and Citizen militia training, weapon, and armour stats based upon the region's recruitment centers. If no recruitment centers, much lower stats.
  • Announce shared scribe notes to army.
  • Display Standing Orders on Army Info page.
  • Report courts held to local lords when judge holds court and courts held within a duchy to a duke.
  • Siege engines appear, with approximate number, on scout reports.
  • Stewards displayed on region report in-realm or if scouted, have Steward title instead of Knight/Dame title, and are listed on banker food report.
  • Reduced hours necessary for estate management. Can now do multiple actions (resize, rename, kick) per estate, with an hour spent per estate.
  • Dukes should now be able to host tournaments from tournament grounds within their duchy.
  • Citizen Militia has been fixed and is now re-available for use.
  • Gaining skill in battle for non-ranged units was apparently removed some years ago and is now re-enabled.
  • Some uncertainty introduced into the ratio between friendly soldiers in-region and region population when spawning peasant mobs.
  • Buying regions at full turns has been fixed for Dwilight and Beluaterra as testing islands, but disabled for all other islands (fix requires testing scripts).
  • Text distinction between provisions being reduced and actually starving when you're sailing, and many other smaller updates and bugfixes.
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