Author Topic: Early July Recent Changes  (Read 3723 times)


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Early July Recent Changes
« Topic Start: July 09, 2015, 09:06:36 PM »
Bugs related to server reinstall should all be fixed now. That is, lordship appointments, banishing characters, and such should now work.

  • Shared scribe note report now includes direct link to scribe note.
  • Link to send message to gold recipient.
  • Increase hero's in-combat unit morale bonus.
  • Increase jousting and leadership skill gains in battle.
  • Add bonus to leadership skill gain for marshals and vice-marshal in battle.
  • Peasant units (citizen, looting, angry) broken into smaller units with equipment proportionally scaled. Look much stronger than before due to multiple units of less men each, but are weaker in battle since all men aren't in one unit.
  • Citizen militia should go back to work over time now, with the rest of the peasant units. The rate all peasant units return to work has been decreased slightly.
  • Additional regional penalties for calling citizen militia.
  • Various estate management bugs fixed.
  • Buying regions at turn change enabled for stable islands.
  • Rulers now get notified of all referendums being initiated or finishing in their realm.
  • Fix dukes removed as duke after changing allegiance or seceding.
  • Many text improvements, small gender fixes, more information provided etc.
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