Author Topic: Early August Recent Changes  (Read 1678 times)


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Early August Recent Changes
« Topic Start: August 03, 2015, 06:49:28 PM »
  • Bug where ranged units firing beyond their range fixed
  • Display empty council positions on Messages page
  • Tear down shrines when follower numbers are low
  • Fix footer for dynamic and religion maps
  • Update testing to stable (ShowFame)
  • Enable all scribe notes to be shared to army
  • Bug not allowing lords to host tournaments fixed
  • Update old tables to new tables, improved column sorting
  • More accurately describe wounded status
  • Adjust when peasants are included in militia or not (prevent disbanding citizen militia)
  • Slightly increase chance of finding a unique item when looting
  • Prevent secession when in duchy under two weeks
  • Dukes winning lordship election of a region in another duchy have region transferred to their duchy
  • Block the gold exchange exploit from trading unique items back and forth
  • Prevent nobles from joining realm they are banished from when their liege changes allegiance
  • Remove many backslashes from appearing in army, estate, duchy, realm, and recruitment center names
  • Nobles may now also find an estate with a lord in the same region or at a tournament
  • Lords may now also switch duchy allegiance to a duke in the same region, a duke visiting their region, or a duke at a tournament
  • Dukes may now also switch realm allegiance to a royal in the same region, a royal visiting their duchy, a royal or ambassador at a tournament, or the tournament host
  • The option to join a realm by leaving all your positions behind has been removed from the Politics page unless the realm has 0 vacant estates and you are not a duke or lord
  • Fix bug preventing lords of a new realm from switching allegiance (there should be no new realm restrictions for characters in a realm under 30 days old)
  • Add bans for anyone in a duchy who was part of a rebellion when a duke changes allegiance
  • Add loyalty penalty for calling Citizen Militia, weaken peasants in close combat more, add regional debuff for testing and war islands when calling Citizen Militia
  • Give vice marshal of army in battle slightly less leadership bonus gain than marshal in battle, but slightly more than regular army member
  • Slightly increase chance of finding a unique item when adventurer investigates local region
  • Add notice of large monster/undead spawns, high monster/undead bounties, and lost unique items in Adventurer Rumours page, based mostly on advy skill, but also region type and population, advy fatigue and available hours, other characters in region, distance of region from advy's location, and randomness
  • Expand range of regions adventurer can receive rumours about, based on advy skill
  • Chance of notifying nearby adventurers when adventurer beat or imprisoned, based on advy skill, distance from event, and randomness
  • Add chance of turn change notice on local wizard/sage locations, large monster/undead spawns, high monster/undead bounties, and lost unique items to advies, based on advy skill, distance from region, and randomness
  • Various other text changes and sync between stable, testing, and war islands

Also, yes, there were just some bugs in the last turn. We are working on resolving them now.