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Re: Famous Old Characters
« Reply #120: October 13, 2017, 11:05:46 PM »
Out of the four you mentioned I recognize two names - Mathurin and Jonsu.

You may dislike Crixus (most acrive players do) but his achievements are undeniable. The richest man on the continent (personal income, not realm coffers), the most powerful man on the continent (single-man power, not temporary power - sure Vasilif of Astrum, Aeon of Westgard, Emperor of Luria etc. have more infrastructure, realm income and mobile CS, but should any of the above ask their realm to do something 100% absurd they would likely be protested out of office. Since Mariah death Crixus has the most "unquestioned" power and riches out there.)

But then again his strongest side is his weakest side - the only thing limiting the man is realm's noble-count and the only thing limiting realm's noble-count is his authocratic rule over Swordfell.

Sure he's not as big a name as Mathurin but then again - who is?
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