Author Topic: Famous Old Characters  (Read 29090 times)

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Re: Famous Old Characters
« Reply #120: October 13, 2017, 11:22:57 PM »
First off, Zakky was being sarcastic (also seen by the fact that he followed it up with Atanamir, who was...well let's not get into that).

Secondly, Crixus has never had any impact on the continent outside of Swordfell and Swordfell never accomplished anything of significance on Dwilight, so you can't well call him impactful. I would also argue against him being powerful, there is little Swordfell can do at this point to really take someone down. They begged for peace when Westfold (less gold and fewer nobles then) declared war on them (which was the first war Swordfell was in, EVER).

Rich, yes he is rich. Wealth gained by having a super wealthy city and subsequently never doing anything. If that is the definition of becoming famous I know where I went wrong with Garas (was making 2200 a week, should've stayed in Sirion then?) and then I'll gladly never have a famous char  ???
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