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Re: Famous Old Characters
« Reply #120: October 14, 2017, 12:02:24 AM »
I know Zakky was sarcastic. Chenier was not.

And I may well be biased having only a character in Swordfell, then again we're all biased that way. But I get the vibe that he is "known". That does get him a bit famous or "infamous" at least. Then again I have no idea of other Domitius characters. Then again I never had any idea about any other JeVondair characters other than Selenia until recently. But then again when I finally had it was OH MY F... GOD.

The question is - do you need to be impactfull to be famous? Or do you just need to be known/unique/liked etc. ?

One thing I'm certain - I'll be damned if Archibald and Purrcious are not on this list a year from now.   :D
Talk all you want, you don't get chars like that factory made.
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