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Re: Famous Old Characters
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That is actually great stuff Vita! Thanks

And well Mathurin is known because we keep throwing his name around, but Allison was definately a huge impact. Honestly I didn't remember Mathurin, but Seoras kept using it thus so did I. I was anti SA back in the days in the west, but I damn well remember Allison.

Also what is a famous old char? I mean by now Garas is known by all on EC, but does that qualify? I don't really think so, not yet at least, but I suppose that's different for everyone?

Mathurin is known because he was the founder of the game's largest and most successful religion (its current state aside), but indeed, he did not take much room, and it's questionable how much influence he had directly, given how it appears, to me at least, that he preferred letting others make the calls (I'm not in any way saying that's a bad thing, heck, it is likely a large part of why SA grew so much, thus once could say that him not exercing direct impacts made him even more impactful).

As for Brance, I think my mind just merged him and Dragomir together, haha. :P Would explain a few inaccurate memories.

Allison is without question one of Dwilight's most influential characters, in the top 5 at the very least.