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Re: Famous Old Characters
« Reply #45: October 28, 2015, 04:07:03 AM »
Also don't forget Wind! Or all of the other people that were touched by a Moto.


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Re: Famous Old Characters
« Reply #46: October 28, 2015, 04:07:17 AM »
Don't you dare forget about the Motosuwa's ...... However many there were.

Oh are you back now? :o


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Re: Famous Old Characters
« Reply #47: October 28, 2015, 04:09:02 AM »
Only if you feed me.


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Re: Famous Old Characters
« Reply #48: October 28, 2015, 04:15:10 AM »
Question is have I missed anything?

Also don't forget to add the bluelakes and the other hero's of old Falasan.


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Re: Famous Old Characters
« Reply #49: October 28, 2015, 07:36:44 AM »
Question is have I missed anything?

Also don't forget to add the bluelakes and the other hero's of old Falasan.
Only Taselak's near destruction and then rebounding.
Taselak is Best-elak.

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Re: Famous Old Characters
« Reply #50: October 28, 2015, 07:48:43 AM »
And completely missed Kurlock's epic death  8)


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Re: Famous Old Characters
« Reply #51: October 28, 2015, 11:28:50 AM »
Like it or not we also have to add the Chenier to the list.

Their actions caused great impact in BT
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Re: Famous Old Characters
« Reply #52: October 30, 2015, 08:31:47 PM »
Sulliven Koga.


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Re: Famous Old Characters
« Reply #53: October 31, 2015, 12:36:26 AM »
Sulliven sounds familiar... Refresh my memory. Please.
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Re: Famous Old Characters
« Reply #54: October 31, 2015, 10:44:45 AM »
Sulliven sounds familiar... Refresh my memory. Please.

One of Fontan's famous nobles and founder of the Lions, who ended up getting his account locked for suspicions of multi-cheating, along with a dozen others in Fontan, so they all deleted their accounts the same day, "in protest", and were never heard of or seen again.


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Re: Famous Old Characters
« Reply #55: October 31, 2015, 12:43:21 PM »
That's not quite what happened.

Sulliven threatened to report another player to the Titans (IIRC, it was something along the lines of a, "This way you're disagreeing with me, it seems suspicious. You wouldn't want me to report you to the Titans, would you?", only much less clear due to poor English). When the Titans gave him a private reprimand for this, he blew his top in a serious way. He was ranting about how his reputation had been utterly destroyed, and that unless they took it back, there was no way he could ever continue to play, because his reputation was everything.

Naturally, the Titans didn't take it back, so he, and the rest of the Lions, ragequit.

A few years later, he and some of the others did actually resurface, in the south of the EC. At that point, our multi-cheater detection tools lit up like Christmas lights on them, and we locked them almost immediately. They never even made the customary, "Hey, I'm—I mean we're—not a multi!" complaint, and I haven't heard anything about them since.
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Re: Famous Old Characters
« Reply #56: October 31, 2015, 02:53:57 PM »
Sulliven sounds familiar... Refresh my memory. Please.

Sulliven was Duke of Oligarch if i recall correctly and creator of the KDF Lions. Basically... he was "the man" responsible for Fontans military success. I 'd created the Red Dragons to counter the Lions but couldnt really test myself against him because as soon as the RD was created the whole Locking/Cheating/Whatever happened. Murat Kalkandelen (Sulliven's right hand) took over the military by the time Ryu was General and even when he was good he wasnt nearly as good as Sulliven. Elberan Carnes (Another old character) created the Manticores after the Lions been disbanded, a pure cavalry army, achieving some victories, but was no match for a incredibly balanced and heavily coordinated Red Dragons.

Bad english, cheater or not, or whatever, he was a tough smart rival.

PS: The whole cheating/locking, was roleplayed as Jon Paul Ogren (another old char) husband of Katrina uncovering Sulliven's deeds and later was found assassinated by Moira Dubhaine (another oldie) in revenge for the disappearance of former Lion master.

PS2: Fun to recall those times. Best time i had in Battlemaster. Amazing roleplays, great in-game motives, plots, spys, massive strategy and most important, way more players.


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Re: Famous Old Characters
« Reply #57: October 31, 2015, 05:47:24 PM »
Well, to bring this topic back around to the beginning. The feature was to be implemented, but to whet your appetite until its re-released, here are hundreds of generated examples of new unique names with the famous old character names and various other additions for history, variety, humour etc. Again, these are just many generated examples of what could be generated in future new items, once the last update is re-released.

Rusty Mallet of the East Continent
Flail of the Foolish
Glowing Finger of Hetland
Shouting Handbook of Niselur
Beasthide Suit of the Lords
Lalakis's Blade of Republicanism
Blessed Earrings of the Clouds
Bone Nightblade of Pain
Glorious Armour of the Vulcano
Helmet of Good
Shiny Armour of Hetland
Daemonic Shield of Betrayal
Holy Ring of Sanity
Valiant Shield of Righteousness
Brilliant Dagger of the Dragons
Battered Ring of the Colonies
Thrice-Blessed Aegis of Caelum
Holy Ring of the White Guardians
Twice-Blessed Helmet of the Sky
Spiked Broadsword of the Sun
Majestic Aegis of Hetland
Grisly Parchment of Slaying
Long-Lost Sword of the Highland Empire
Mathurin's Helm
Doughnut of Good and Evil
Long-Lost Cane of the Dragons
Ring of the Clouds
Cloak of the East Island
Scimitar of Slaying
Aldo's Ring of Avamar
Glorious Pipe of Tyranny
Mr Jones's Canon of Time
Robe of the Clouds
Staff of War
Splendid Suit of Aren
Compendium of Awakening
Forgotten Vest of the War Island
Battered Ring of the Dragons
Obsidian Blade of the Sun
Forgotten Necklace of the Dragons
Shield of the Mother
Oak Guard of the Mountains
Compendium of Nothoi
Evil Handbook of Death
Whispering Shield of Righteousness
Armour of Pancakes
Book of Lamar
Nightblade of War
Mediocre Rapier of the Ash Sea Islands
Grisly Shield of Outer Tilog
Princely Warhammer of the Dukes
Handkor's Collection
Ring of Truth
Bloody Staff of Everguard
Tsubaki's Coat of Honesty
Moaning Guard of Dreams
Glorious Gem of Good and Evil
Manual of Carelia
Pegged Leg of Glory
Battered Pike of the Far East
Shiny Bathrobe of Darkness
Long-Lost Tome of Loyalty
Lavigna's Essay of Pain
Collection of the East Continent
Anklet of Vaal
Warhammer from a Previous Age
Holy Club of the Duck
Daemonic Lance of Lies
Wicked Band of Betrayal
Lich King's Rod of Strombran
Shiny Sword of the War Island
Whispering Buckler against Fire
Old Feather of Dreams
Boring Cane of Sanity
Valachi's Hat of the Maiden
Longsword of Darkness
Elemental Volume of the End Times
Brilliant Ring of the Far East
Grisly Warblade of Old Rancagua
Helmet of Protection
Lucian's Locket of Monarchism
Malice's Axe of the Plains
Black Sabre of Lasanar
Club of War
Pike of the Farronite Repubic
Dimian's Aegis of the Dragonslayer
Chain Mail of the Ancients
Thrice-Blessed Suit of the Maiden
Long-Lost Gauntlets of Avalon
Scarf of the Lost Island
Legendary Doughnut of Ibladesh
Majestic Helm of the War Island
Princely Hammer of the Athol Collective
Armour of the End Times
Majestic Ring of Asylon
Alanna's Gauntlets of Betrayal
Brilliant Toe of Freedom
Screaming Ring of Pancakes
Gadouha's Wreath
Tsubaki's Oil
Screaming Helmet of the Stars
Long-Lost Treatise of the Foolish
Boring Lance of Destruction
Forgotten Coat of Slaying
Silver Pegged Leg of Fire
Bloody Longsword of the Obsidian Islands
Sacred Tiara of Fire
Mysterious Shield of Goathair
Gadouha's Ring of the East Continent
Dagger of Ohnar West
Hannibal's Breastplate of the Assassins
Giggling Gauntlets of Thunder
Whispering Staff of Grehk
Astonishing Whistle of the End Times
Legendary Mace
Ducal Plate Mail of Life
Mr Jones's Ring of Dwilight
Ring of the Stars
Black Band of Dreams
Brilliant Compendium
Merlin's Flail of Redspan
Screaming Pike of the Vulcano
Louis-Joseph's Ring of the Moon
Tempered Ring of Waffles
Hrok's Treatise of Goathair
Flail of Hetland
Tan's Helmet of Goathair
Geoffrey's Suit of Willpower
Coat of Life
Shiny Cane of Ubent
Boring Tome of the Kings
Cursed Buckle of the Mountains
Splendid Handbook
Hammer of Good and Evil
Forbidden Blade of Command
Mr Jones's Shield of the Kings
Ring of Evil
Volume of Beauty
Mallet of Good and Evil
Vest of Lies
Kurlock's Rod of the Princes
Weird Talisman of Wetham
Ancient Chain Mail from a Previous Age
Enchanted Book of Ikalak
Ducal Necklace of the Ancients
Adorned Sword of Falasan
Diamond Cloak of Piety
Princely Band
Twice-Blessed Ring of Goathair
Evil Compendium of Arnor
Cursed Breastplate of Oritolon
Giggling Parchment of Sanity
Kronos's Gauntlets of the Lost Island
Forgotten Shield of the Blessed
Bustoarsenzio's Ring of the Father
Dragon-Scale Helmet of the Vulcano
Shiny Whistle of the Lost Island
Malice's Treatise of Cathay
Kepler's Staff of Arnor
Black Book of Betrayal
Dark Scarf of the Colonies
Delvin's Band of the Kings
Impenetrable Breastplate of the Clouds
Shiny Hammer of Ar Agyr
Boring Longsword of Khthon
Mysterious Mask of Dreams
Retravic's Helm of Hetland
Bone Cane of Suffering
Shiny Staff of the Rines Republic
Bloody Nightblade
Weird Crown of Death
Club of Glory
Parchment of the Duck
Whispering Cookbook of Battle
Mediocre Lance of Callaway
Dark Ring of Melhed
Galiard's Shield
Plate Mail of the Badgers
Wicked Handbook of Awakening
Gauntlets of the Foolish
Bloody Plate Mail of the Father
Princely Parchment of Beluaterra
Whispering Scimitar of the Princes
Bizarre Mace of the Mother
Wicked Jacket of Strength
Painting of Warding
Overlord's Vest of Flame
Old Buckler of Vaal
Whispering Stone of Willpower
Honed Mallet of the Wise
Royal Guard of the Damned
Dragon-Scale Coat of the Badgers
McKay's Longsword of Deception
Zakilevo's Gauntlets of Beluaterra
Wicked Aegis of the Ancients
Coat of Willpower
Brilliant Armour of Cathay
Shield of Good
Splendid Corset of Batesaor
Shouting Plate Mail of Betrayal
Alex's Whistle of Betrayal
Brance's Anthology of the Maiden
Long-Lost Vest of the Vulcano
TK Jones's Book of Battle
Enchanted Handbook of Tara
Glowing Ring of Melhed
Gilead's Girdle of Enweil
Black Cookbook of the Netherworld
Kronos's Painting from a Previous Age
Dagger of Hetland
Brooch of Dreams
Thrice-Blessed Collection of Betrayed Heroes
Adorned Dagger
Mediocre Plate Mail of Awakening
Shouting Arrow of the Blessed
Beasthide Chain Mail of the East Continent
Grim Longsword of Battle
Mediocre Mace of Goathair
Twice-Blessed Flail of Good
Scimitar of Beluaterra
Orb of Waffles
Vest of Strombran
Aegis of the Cagilan Empire
Ruby-Studded Dagger of Solaria
Forbidden Aegis of Righteousness
Allison's Signet of the Ancients
Emerald-Studded Coat of Bloodletting
Armour of Battle
Ring of the Princes
Shield of Caerwyn
Wreath of Justice
Predbjorn's Plate Mail of the Plains
Buckler of the Plains
Dark Longsword of Democracy
Splendid Rapier of the Princiaplity of Zonasa
Long-Lost Dagger of the Princes
Weird Sword of Betrayal
Majestic Scimitar of Loyalty
Deverka's Cloak of the Clouds
Brilliant Nose from a Previous Age
Mantle of Nivemus
Evangeline's Treatise of the Netherworld
Aram's Ring of Democracy
Jacket of Command
Blessed Locket of Alebad
Long-Lost Ring of Republicanism
Blessed Aegis of Voghor
Ring of Khthon
Emerald-Studded Flail of Redspan
Shouting Guard of Necromancy
Lich King's Doughnut of Death
Gauntlets of Unlife
Aram's Nightblade of War
Splendid Band of Good and Evil
Thrice-Blessed Ring of the End Times
Shouting Flail of Good and Evil
Princely Talisman of Beauty
Ring of the Heir
TK Jones's Ring of the Lords
Shiny Chain Mail of the Kings
Sera's Suit of Death
Silver Flail of Betrayal
Giggling Coat of the Stars
Cane of Democracy
Shiny Helm of the Kings
Brilliant Jacket of Pain
Black Armour of the Islands
Suit of Strombran
Vampire King's Chain from a Previous Age
Raziel's Band of Tyranny
Dr Septre's Armour of the Dragons
Lucian's Buckler of the East Continent
Valachi's Corset of the Wise
Little Ogre's Shield of Dishonesty
Mr Jones's Plate Mail of Trust
Volume of Slaying
Bizarre Shield of Atamara
Bizarre Ring of the Princes
Guard of Thunder
White Ring of Itorunt
Splendid Ring of the War Island
Suit of Death
Warhammer of Necromancy
Astonishing Shield of Glory
Arrow of Life
Old Cape of Willpower
Ducal Treatise of the Blessed
Dark Anthology of Goathair
Black Arrow of Glory
Shield of the Zuma Coalition
Doughnut of the Sky
Adorned Buckler of Atamara
Emerald Ring of the Mother
Edge's Aegis of Tyranny
Royal Pegged Leg of Pain
Pike of the Duck
Bloody Volume of Ashborn
Adorned Anthology of the Princes
Sabre of Betrayal
Armour of Blood
Sangue's Rapier of Vale
Galiard's Mask of Unlife
Cursed Canon of Abundance
Malfurion's Pearl of Carelia
Overlord's Canon of Isadril
White Compendium of Vale
Armitage the III's Buckler of Riombara
Ruby-Studded Suit of the Dukes
Valiant Chain Mail of Astrum
Shield of the Maiden
Mediocre Chain Mail of the Cagilan Empire
Obsidian Sabre of the Vulcano
Vampire King's Gauntlets of the Clouds
Splendid Helm of the Blessed
Sacred Rod of Ubent
Astonishing Ring of Storm
Alanna's Wreath of Minas Ithil
Shouting Nightblade of the Father
Dazzling Helm of Life
Ancient Sword of Grehk
Bizarre Blade of Wisdom
Corset of Mercy
Majestic Ring of Battle
Lavigna's Armour of Perleone
Old Ring of Lies
Tempered Ring of Beauty
Twice-Blessed Corset of Beauty
Robe of Protection
Wicked Cane of the Vulcano
Burned Parchment of Leadership
Tsu's Dagger of War
Wicked Arrow of the Moon
Vampire King's Buckler of Ecstacy
Princely Helmet of the Islands
Shouting Band of the Duck
Orphen's Nightblade of Honesty
Splendid Helm of Tyranny
White Longsword of Unlife
Zane's Necklace of Leadership
Tempered Ring of the Princes
Cold-Forged Flail of Strength
Rusty Club from a Previous Age
Revan's Flail of Trust
Ring of Vlaanderan
Ring of Piety
Nightblade of Wetham
Tempered Ring of Eponllyn
Mediocre Book of Justice
Sacred Guard of Tyranny
Whistle of the Netherworld
Boring Band of Oritolon
Screndt's Suit of Unlife
Zathansbane's Flail of Suffering
Flute of Pian en Luries
Swift Longsword from a Previous Age
Ornate Mallet of the East Continent
Splendid Helmet of the Queens
Brance's Ring of Minas Leon
Princely Axe of Piety
Lich King's Band of Willpower
Thrice-Blessed Oil of Suville
Galiard's Girdle of Strength
Moses's Guard of Vale
Locket of the Clouds
Burned Codex of Redspan
Old Anthology of Beauty
Enchanted Breastplate of Hetland
Blessed Handbook of Isadril
Mysterious Coat of Necromancy
Cookbook of the Blessed
Wicked Arrow of Itorunt
Cruel Blade of Republicanism
Krypton the Bold's Nightblade of Ibladesh
Rusty Sword of Glory
Ancient Ring of Dreams
Scimitar of Lamar
Overlord's Circlet of the Dragons
Shouting Vest of Awakening
Elemental Anklet
Handkor's Buckler of the Ash Sea Islands
Royal Sceptre of Life
Conan's Compendium of the Duck
Daemonic Guard of the Queens
Battered Chain Mail of Hetland
Ancient Chain Mail of Wetham
Moaning Handbook of Vale
Majestic Buckle of Freedom
Daemonic Helmet of the Foolish
Cold-Forged Mallet of Flame
Rod of Necromancy
Romul's Sword of the Sun
Holy Ring of the Maiden
Shield of Pain
Sacred Veil of Freedom
Armour of the Clouds
Feather of Ice
Brilliant Flail of Monarchism
Glowing Buckler of Avalon
Legendary Scimitar of Crushing
Doomed Jacket of Avalon


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Re: Famous Old Characters
« Reply #58: October 31, 2015, 05:55:05 PM »
Doughnut of Good and Evil

All hail the Doughnut, for it is wise!


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Re: Famous Old Characters
« Reply #59: October 31, 2015, 06:37:17 PM »
No "Butter knife of the Empire"? Or "Giant Badger hat of Atamara"?