Author Topic: Priest Claiming Rogue Region?  (Read 2900 times)


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Re: Priest Claiming Rogue Region?
« Reply #15: June 15, 2018, 12:44:39 PM »
It's possible to cause a region to change realms with diplomatic actions alone (if your diplomat can avoid being arrested) but I can't remember whether it's possible to perform those in a rogue region.

The religious equivalents only change sentiment towards the realm controlling a region so I wouldn't expect them to cause a rogue region to join a realm.

And RTOs are one of those features that make perfect sense when you play a priest and have had to work hard preaching to get the necessary level of religious support, but to everyone else look like instant magic and totally unfair.

Now I need a rogue region to play with so I can play and find out for sure.