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Refugee Realms Now Open
« Topic Start: December 06, 2015, 01:34:05 AM »
There was a brief bug yesterday that may result in some immigrants missing their gold upon arrival. If this applies to you, let us know on the Helpline forums so we can investigate your situation and return your gold.

Three realms on the East Island—Xavax, Itorunt, and Semall—and one on Dwilight—Gelene—have now been created specifically for the people fleeing sinking islands and the impending arrival of new character limits. New characters cannot be created there and existing characters on the East Island and Dwilight cannot join them for the time being. There will be some special rules for these realms for (approximately) the month of December, to ensure that people who don't want to join an established realm have a place to try to make a new home, so if you join them, expect things to be a little unusual at first.

If you experience any problems emigrating to these realms, please let us know in the Helpline forum.
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