Author Topic: What's your politics. also, religion?  (Read 3337 times)


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Re: What's your politics. also, religion?
« Topic Start: December 27, 2015, 05:33:41 AM »
My views are a bit too complex to really fall into any particular category, but by-and-large, I'd be considered an anarchist by most.

I was born into a mixed Christian/Catholic family, but chose to be a pagan-inspired Pantheist myself.

I somewhat accidentally created a cult a few years ago, whose high priest is an Autistic-savant genius programmer from London. :) Somewhat accidentally being that I never intended others to take it seriously, and only sought to explain to someone what my personal beliefs are - a mixture of facets picked from every existing faith whose mythology and beliefs I've gained access to, added to literary concepts, ancient and modern philosophy, all rolled up into what I call "Vox Stellarum," a (quasi-, and I say this because some folks just don't like mixing science and faith)-scientific approach to spirituality. Insert Scientology joke here.

Its pretty much looking at the sciences from a pantheistic approach. Everything is divine in and of its own right, simply by virtue of existence, life is the manifestation of "God," and thus we ARE God, so on and so forth. With my own unique little deviation, of course: a concept I've held all my life, now rooted in scientific studies of quantum physics and the like, that there may be an underlying "code" behind all of existence. Thermodynamics, gravity, speed of light, and such, as mere facets of a grand mathematical mechanism spanning all creation, destruction, the nature of the void of space, our potential origins pre-Bang, our eventual spread unto the very stars, and merely hypothetically, beyond the manifold of space and thus time, as we all know Time isn't really a "thing," but a perspective bias.

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