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Naming Duchies after nobles?

Where is this rule?  Further in Morek the recent titan decision against the ruler was a poor one in my opinion.  Previous ruler changed the Duchy names to name them after Indirik and after himself.  After I took over his Duchy the ruler changed Urtagonia to Kabrinskia. 

This has to be an obscure rule if one of the major contributors(titans?)  of the game didn't even know about it.  His Duchy was named after himself months and months ago with no repercussions.   I know the player of the Indirik family to be just and fair.  I have to believe he woulda said something if he knew it was against the rules.

I looked on the wiki and couldn't find any rule for this.  Combine that with the previous ruler doing it without punishment AND Indirik not saying anything about it leads me to question the Titans decision.

In my opinion the Titans made a poor decision considering the circumstances.  I hope they do better in the future.

I change a duchy's name in Gotland for every time a new duke is appointed, or the new duke requests a different name. And the previous duke was Stegman, notorious for asking a new name every other thursday!

So, uhm, it's not against the rules? Perhaps it's SMA in Dwilight that causes issues with this.

Titans removed our ruler for naming a Duchy after a characters family name.  My family name is Kabrinski.  I once founded a realm named Kabrinskia and asked that my Duchy be renamed to that.  The previous ruler, Urtagoth, had my Duchy and it was named Urtagonia or something like that.

It is stated directly on the IG page when renaming a duchy:

"Please do not rename at a whim, no "funny" names, no naming of duchies after their duke or such nonsense. In case of doubt, ask on the forum first. We don't want to have to restrict this feature further, ok?"

A prior ruler of Morek was punished for this exact rule violation a few months ago.

That prior judgment should have also included a duchy renaming as part of the resolution. I will ask IG for the next ruler to fix them.


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